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Fruit #8 Pomegranate
22 October 2007

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The beach #1
28 April 2007

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The beach #7 Sunrise
13 March 2007

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Bundestag Berlin #3
19 February 2007

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27 January 2007

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11 January 2007

Recent Comments

Aly on Puffins #5
Wow ben jaloers op deze prachtige foto`s van de puffins ,)

Katalog Stron on Goldolier, Venice (November 2007)
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

JTF on Venice, spooky?
Wonderful shot, great effect.. Echt heel erg goed gedaan deze, mooi effect..

Alphons on Goldolier, Venice (November 2007)
Mooie 'cleane' foto van een gondelier. Echt in zijn omgeving , maar zonder storende elementen. Goed genomen!

Inés on Goldolier, Venice (November 2007)
That remenber me my hollidays in Venise ! My best wishes for the new year !

Illuci on Goldolier, Venice (November 2007)
Hij mag er zijn, maar ziet er niet erg Italiaans uit, zou een Fries kunnen zijn :). Wat zong hij, dat heb je vast nog ...

Illuci on Glass workshop
Curieuze hier zeldzame opname van een glaswerk(st)er, zou het graag gezien hebben. Venetiaans glas is beroemd. Zijn dat ...

Illuci on Glass flowers (Venice, Nov.2007)
Leuk die kleuren zo aan een grauwe gevel, en je hoeft ze ook geen water te geven :)

Illuci on Fun with pigeons (Venice, Nov. 2007)
Prachtige foto! Het moment suprême bevroren.

Illuci on Narrow street (Venice, Nov 2007)
Ze geven daar niet zo om inkijk van de overburen denk ik, leuke opname!

Cathie et Michel on Goldolier, Venice (November 2007)
nice shot !

MJ on Goldolier, Venice (November 2007)
Great shot, brings back good memories.

Laurie on Goldolier, Venice (November 2007)
Very nice. Venice has such allure.

Cathie et Michel on Glass flowers (Venice, Nov.2007)
great photography !

Jason Kravitz on Fun with pigeons (Venice, Nov. 2007)
kids love pigeons! I have some shots from Turkey that I have not posted yet but these kids were having so much fun with ...

Inés on Narrow street (Venice, Nov 2007)
Une rue bien étroite !!!!!

Paulski on Narrow street (Venice, Nov 2007)
Very cool capture; you do a great job of capturing the sense of claustrophobia here. Well done!

Laurie on Nature takes over (Venice, November 2007)
So much color! Love this one.

badala on Nature takes over (Venice, November 2007)
Splendid framing.

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Nature takes over (Venice, November 2007)
It's so beautiful!

Craiger on Doorbells
Very cool doorbells! I like the way you captured them.

Sylvia on Doorbells
Neat artistic shot!

Gary on Doorbells
Wonderful composition of this image. Excellent color also.

kairospix on Doorbells
ring ring! hello anyone home? nice capture!

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Just a sign
Thanks for your beautiful comments! xxx

Laurie on Just a sign
Lovely colors and textures. The sign is really nice and old world.

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Just a sign
It's beautiful!

Illuci on Venice, spooky?
Now you seem to dream away completely. Will we ever see you back :) BTW Nice picture, the summum of romance, but I hope ...

Illuci on Venice, sunset gondola #2
This one is also good but I found the previous one better because of the sharp visiblity of the hat.

Illuci on Venice, sunset gondola
You are absolutely right! A picture to dream away with!

Illuci on Venice, sunset near Rialto bridge
Nice image! Now we get an idea of the dangers these gondolieri run, they don't have the easiest workplaces!

badala on Venice, spooky?
Really nice effect, mysterious.

tomasso on Venice, spooky?
wow... really different image of venice! well done!

Dimitrios on Venice, spooky?
great, imagine the same effect in mine today! what a coincidence my friend!!!!

shahab on Venice, spooky?
Fantastic work!!!Nicely done!

Daniel on Venice, spooky?
nice effect

Nadine on Venice, sunset gondola #2
Nice dreamy picture.

standley on Venice, sunset gondola #2
Very nice shot. I like the silhouette and the colour tons

Luis Rodrigues on Venice, sunset gondola #2
This is a nice work!

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Venice, sunset gondola
Lovely shot!

Kaveh on Venice, sunset gondola #2
Good composition .. but the problem is FOCUS

Gary on Venice, sunset gondola
Well done. Beautiful shot.

shahab on Venice, sunset gondola
Beautiful work!!!

badala on Venice, sunset gondola

Anna Marie on Venice, sunset gondola
Beautiful! Outstanding work!

Craiger on Venice, sunset gondola
Love it! I want to go there someday. Thanks for sharing!

Sujit Sudhi on Venice, sunset gondola
Golden indeed. Beautiful silhouette.

Gary on Venice, sunset near Rialto bridge
Excellent. The lighting is perfect and great composition.

badala on Venice, sunset near Rialto bridge
An elegant work on these silhouettes! Beautiful colors.

Sujit Sudhi on Venice, sunset near Rialto bridge
Good shot. You got the right amount of detail.

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